Selling Queensland to Southerners. PS, It’s Not A Hard Sell

Already spruiked as being ‘beautiful one day and perfect the next,’ the Sunshine State is trying to entice its Southern neighbours to  not only visit but move north of the border. The number of interstate migrants to Queensland is the highest it’s been for eight years, supporting predictions of an emerging exodus of Sydney and Melbourne homeowners selling up and moving to the Sunshine State.

Queensland Growth

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has told state parliament 15,716 people moved to the state in the year to March 2017, with most of those coming from New South Wales. It’s a resounding vote of confidence as more and more people are continuing to find Queensland an attractive destination to live, work and raise their families.CoreLogic senior research analyst Cameron Kusher said Brisbane still had a big affordability advantage over its southern rivals. “If we continue to see job growth (in Queensland), we might see more people leave Sydney and Melbourne for Brisbane. Jo” he said. Job growth is key. Mr Kusher said the Gold Coast property market was also starting to benefit from increased interstate migration. According to the latest census data many have already made their move.Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt travelled to Sydney to launch an advertising campaign targeting “skilled and innovative individuals” as well as families, citing the state’s lower cost of living and business incentives. “We will be showcasing Queensland’s extensive list of advantages when compared to our interstate counterparts,” Mr Pitt said.Queensland is much more than mining, tourism and agriculture — we are nation- leaders in a diverse range of fields, have the country’s most innovative and dynamic trading economy, and are open for business.

Queensland’s Population was estimated to Hit Five Million!

The campaign comes as the latest census data shows Brisbane’s population has increased by almost 10 per cent over the last five years. The data, released recently, shows Brisbane’s population grew from 2.07 million in 2011 to 2.27 million in 2016, an increase of 9.9 per cent. Queensland overall saw an 8.6% increase in population over the same period, with fully half of the state’s estimated 4,883,739 residents living in the capital.Mr Pitt said the campaign would focus on all of Queensland, with an emphasis on getting people to move to regional centres, not just Brisbane and the southeast.“We want a Gold Coast in 2050 that has a diverse economic base.”The Treasurer said before the end of the year Queensland’s population was estimated to hit five million, with interstate migration a large factor. “We are keen for this to continue. Strong population growth supports growing markets that in turn give business the confidence to invest and employ new workers.” Jacqueline DwyerSavvy Fox Property Buyers Agent

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