Is Your Local Property Market Too Hot For You Right Now?

So many of the clients I work with live in the Southern States… well at least below sunny Queensland anyway. It’s an outstanding part of the world. Apart from our enviable weather, a close second is our lower property prices. Be that for a home purchase for a relocation or an investment property.High property prices in Melbourne and Sydney have made many potential buyers consider moving to another capital city to fulfil their home-owning dream. So, what are the key factors to consider?Donna Hill and her partner Simon were living in Rozelle in Sydney and had been looking to buy a house for more than a year. The final straw, she says, was when a house they’d been encouraged to bid on by the agent went for far in excess of the guide price.We started looking at houses in Brisbane and saw they were twice the size for the same price, Hill says. So, I flew to Brisbane to speak to some Buyers Agents when we met Jacqueline from Savvy Fox Buyers Agent and the decision was made instantly. Jacqueline comes from selling property in Sydney (but grew up in Brisbane) and being a registered property valuer is a comforting mix of experience. Plus, she is super personable.Upon moving they initially moved into a rental in New Farm and then bought in Paddington. “It’s a lovely place and, coming from the UK, I like it as it has a High Street,” feel she says.Hill says she and her partner wanted to start a family and have a decent-sized house in which to do this, so for people at a similar stage in their lives, it is a move she’d recommend.How does Brisbane weigh up against Sydney? Hill adds that career-wise, she wasn’t aware of the gap that she found between Brisbane and Sydney when it came to opportunities but says while salaries are lower in Brisbane, your money goes further.Jacqueline says, Sydney is a wasteland for first-home buyers. It’s the lowest on record, many are now buying investment properties elsewhere. Affordability excluded them from purchasing originally but if they did hold off, lifestyle motivation is what has reignited their home buying plans and luring them to Queensland.Relax Buyers, You’re Represented.JacquelineDirectorSavvy FoxProperty Buyers Agent 

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