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If you are selecting your Buyers Agent with the emphasis on having the cheapest fee, sadly we are not a match.

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I would suggest questioning “Is the cheapest fee Agent really the best negotiator around town? Do they really believe in themselves at what you are about to pay them to do on your behalf? And that is of course, negotiate a fair value.

My fee is around two percent of the value of your purchase.  It’s my mission to secure you a property a whole lot more than a few percent off the market value. If it’s not, I generally am not recommending buying it.  I’m a buying cost that you simply can’t afford not to include, just like doing a building and pest inspection or using a conveyancer to protect your legal position.

You will have those professional invoices paid off in a few months. The part of the process I am responsible for negotiating might take you 25 years to pay off. Don’t make it 35 by ‘winging it’ on your own.

The property selection and price are undoubtedly the single biggest factors in property wealth creation. Don’t take a chance by making a costly mistake.

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You chose which option suits you best:

  •  Full Buyers Agent service in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Northern NSW. This  service  encompasses each step from sourcing, valuing, negotiating right through to settlement.   
  • A second option where you find the property and invite us to take over handling the purchase is offered at a reduced fee, please contact Jacqueline to discuss further.
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Payment is split into two stages=

  • An initial fee of $1,500 + GST when you appoint us as your Buyers Agent by signing the paperwork to get started.  This fee is non refundable if you  elect not to purchase a property.
  • A success fee (of the balance of the full fee) is  paid when the contract becomes unconditional. We do not charge a success fee if you do not end up entering a contract of sale.  

Our Fee Structure is listed below:

Purchase Price

Full service:

Up to $500,000$9,000

Buyers Agent services Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW.
Prices do not include GST.

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