Buy an Investment Property

Looking to secure your financial future through property investment?

Buy an Investment Property

Looking to secure your financial future through property investment?

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Buy A Family Home

We will source the right property, at the right price for you.

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Having a professional to bid for you means you can get expert guidance.

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Have you found the home your heart desires?

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Get an independent valuation from an unrelated party.

Buying A Home To Live In

Trying to secure your dream home can be a lengthy and arduous journey for some buyers.

Right property at the right price

Looking to secure your financial future through property investment? Wise move.

Buying an investment property is often high on peoples list of things to do – however finding the right one, getting the numbers right and then making sure it generates the right return with a reliable tenant is easier said than done.

I have many years of experience in buying property personally and helping clients build property portfolios.

My ability to source the right property (especially through my access to off-market channels) could save you months. And my ability to negotiate the best price means you could save thousands.

I will get you the right property at the right price. Our partner property management team will get a reliable and solid tenant in to ensure that you start generating returns quickly with your investment property.

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Case Study

Jac was a delight to work with. She made a stressful situation seem incredibly exciting somehow. We were frustrated at selling agents only telling us what they wanted us to hear.
We spent 11 months finding homes we liked and missing out time after time. In hindsight, we just didn’t know how the real estate industry works and how to get a successful outcome for us. We are now loving our new home and are so grateful for Jac’s tenacity securing it for us.
Patrick & Yolanda, Bulimba
Investment Property

Q & A's

We are Australia’s leading Property Buyer and Valuation Agency.

We exclusively represent buyers in the real estate process. The strategy, process and systems that we have developed and implemented, separate us from the herd. Our service is unique in that we are not ‘just’ Buyers Agents but we are Registered Valuers across Australia as well. Our system is designed to make the real estate process simple, fun and rewarding for the buyer.

We provide a diverse range of services which include; Buyers Agents and Buyers Advocacy, Property Management, Valuation, Auction Bidding & Sales Advisory.

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What is a Buyers Agent?

A Buyers Agent or Buyers Advocate is a licensed real estate agent who works exclusively for the property buyer in a real estate transaction.  Savvy Fox Property Buyers Agent provides the below services:

• Searching for properties that are listed and unlisted via various sources including our extensive network or by contacting the sellers directly in the area you desire
• Valuing and comparing property characteristics to arrive at market value and making recommendations on what level to offer
• Entering negotiations on behalf of the buyer with a strategy around ideal purchase price, terms and conditions  This often includes bidding at auction and post auction negotiations
• Collating and  reviewing contract documents, flood, council, easement and  title searches, co-ordinating building and pest inspections and other due diligence.
• Managing the sale through to settlement including referring you to a property manager if it was an investment purchase.

Why would I hire a Buyers Agent when I can look for and buy property myself?

The same reason why people hire cleaners, builders, accountants, stylists and wedding planners! The time value of money is an important thing to remember here.

The Big 3 Reasons: Time, Money &  Peace of Mind (We are Valuers!) 


Your time earning money being an expert at what you do is generally greater than the fee you pay us to do what we do. We already know you are good at what you do, you have saved up a hefty deposit after all.  You would need to add hours of research and study to your search time to know the market the way we do. So of course you could do it yourself, but we offer a simpler, smarter way to get a dream property (while keeping your pockets lined, don’t forget we’re Valuers as well).

People often call us after they have been looking (unsuccessfully)  themselves for a number of months. The property market is a moving beast and  can increase significantly rise and fall from when you started your search, leaving you perplexed when your offer is not accepted or worse its accepted before the ink drys....You might be paying too much!!

Your Savvy Fox is engrossed in the property  market daily monitoring rises and falls in prices in different sub markets within the region.


We have no doubt you’re an excellent negotiator in your field of expertise. And while some negotiation skills are transferable across contexts; the real strength of having a well-established Buyers Agent (who is also a Valuer) is we negotiate on your behalf with insider-information that’s virtually impossible to access outside of this industry. Having a third party at arms length really does take the emotion out of the transaction and forces you to be sure about your decisions. 

Peace of Mind (We are Valuers!)

One thing to watch out for: many real estate agencies refer to Personal Assistants as ‘Buyers Agents’, but we strongly recommend you choose an independent Buyers Agent who is a Certified Practising Valuer registered by The Australian Property Institute. If you’re going to get advice and assistance when purchasing property (which we recommend you do), make sure the source is appropriately qualified, experienced and unbiased with decades of experience under their belt.

I know a Selling Agent. Can he/she help me buy a property?

In a word: no….It’s a pretty significant conflict of interest, potentially recommending properties they get a Selling Agent fee for. The one time it’s not risky is if your Selling Agent is assisting for you free because they know they can sell your current home once you buy. That way they are getting a fee from you after they firstly help you buy and secondly help you sell. We offer independent, highly specialised advice, and on top of that, we do the bulk of the searching, all the negotiating, and take care of the logistics at every step of the way. Selling Agents are different to Buyers Agents, even though they work in the same industry.

What Licences do you have?

Savvy Fox Property Buyers Agent & Valuer have many industry memberships as well as being awarded the highest accolades possible in the Real Estate Industry Nationally. Something we are incredibly humbled by but more importantly it demonstrates we  have appropriate professional experience. We are licenced Buyers Agents in QLD & NSW, we are Registered Valuers with the QLD Valuers Registration Board and also Certified Practicing Valuers nationally with The Australian Property Institute. 

What are the costs:

Savvy Fox Property Buyers Agent charges a flat fee in different broad price ranges (rather than a commission of the actual price like a Selling Agent does) if you elect to have us conduct the full service starting at sourcing properties. Take a look at our Fee Schedule on the Go Forward Plan page. 

A popular request is to provide a full Buyers Agent service in Brisbane or the Gold Coast for purchases up to $800,000. The total cost for this service is $18,000 (+GST). 

  • An initial fee of $1500 (+GST) is payable when you sign the paperwork to get started.  This amount is non refundable if for any reason you elect not to purchase a property. 
  • The  success fee of $16,500 (+GST) is due when the property contract becomes unconditional. The success fee is not charged  if you decide not to proceed with the purchase once the contract of sale has been signed and exchanged. 

Payment is preferred by direct deposit into our bank account.

Savvy Fox Property Buyers Agent is happy to quote a service fee for you in the event you find the property and would like us to take over negotiations, valuation and due diligence or bidding at auction-  please contact us. 

    Are Buyers Agents fees tax deductible?

    Always seek advice from your Accountant on this but if you are purchasing the property for investment, the good news is your Buyers Agent fee could have tax deduction advantages. Sadly,  if you are intending to live in the property the Buyers Agent fee has no tax deduction advantages. 

    How long does it take?

    We aim to have secured you a property in 4-6 weeks in most cases. Sometimes a very specific brief might mean we have to be a bit more patient- for example a deep waterfront home with a north facing jetty can take a bit longer to find. 

    How do I get started?

    Refer to our Go Forward Plan Page or just contact Jacqueline directly on 0412 332 156.

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