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Relax buyers, you’re represented… For far too long sellers have had the advantage with Real Estate Agents ensuring they get the better deal. It’s time to even out the playing field!

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The Savvy Fox Story

Hi, my name is Jacqueline… after our first phone chat you will probably call me Jac and we will talk often.  Eventually our phone conversations start with “Hi, its me!”  What I am trying to say is… we get to know each other exceptionally well.

I am a Registered Property Valuer and an Award Winning, Licenced Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.

Enough formalities. Let’s cut to the chase, I’m your Savvy Fox when it is time to secure your next property. I play fair but I play hard for my team to win. I genuinely want to secure you a place you adore at a price you are comfortable with.

I want to do it as seamlessly as possible but hey, I am juggling a pretty big deal here with opposing agenda’s and personalities!! I will control the controllable’s and calmly work swiftly through the things that need smoothing over.

Queenslands leading investment property specialists

How Can Savvy Fox Help You?

On Your Property Buying Journey...

Kind Words From Our Happy Clients

Brisbane and nation wide award winning agent

Meet The Best Buyers Agent Brisbane

Ready to find your perfect home in Brisbane? You’re in luck, we are the best Buyers Agent in Brisbane and we will help you to find your perfect property.

House hunting can be a daunting and overwhelming task, especially when you feel as though you’re under represented and getting the short end of the stick.

Sellers Agents are working hard to make sure they get the best price for their client’s property, but who is representing the buyer to make sure you are getting the best price?

That’s where the team at Savvy Fox comes in to play!

We work hard to represent the buyer, finding you the home of your dreams while simultaneously fighting for a fair price and a smooth acquisition.

We take the stress of finding and purchasing the perfect home or property off your plate so that you can focus on what is important. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for our buyers every single time.

We Know Brisbane Property

The Brisbane housing market is vast and continually growing. Without a Buyers Agent, you may find yourself lost, confused and frustrated with the search for a new property.

The Savvy Fox has years of industry knowledge and a deep understanding of Brisbane and its unique housing market. We work tirelessly to find you the perfect property and secure the best possible price.

Through our vast network of professional connections, we are even able to get you access to hundreds of off-market and pre-market listings that you would not be able to identify on your own without the support of a Buyers Agent Brisbane like Savvy Fox.

Whether you have just started your search for the perfect Brisbane property, or you have been on the hunt unsuccessfully for months, there is a good chance you aren’t getting the full picture of all the possibilities available. Let the team at Savvy Fox be your Buyers Advocate Brisbane to help you find the right property at the right price.

Property Buyer gold coast
Property Buyer gold coast

The Savvy Fox process...

As your Buyers Agent, you can expect the following from the team at Savvy Fox:

After you reach out either by phone, email or online inquiry, we set up a meeting either face to face or via Skype. This is where we get to know each other and find out if we are a good fit for working together. You share your current situation and goals and we provide you with insight as to how we can help you achieve them. We also answer any questions you may have regarding the Savvy Fox home buying process.

Once you agree to using the experts at Savvy Fox to secure your dream property, we get to work nailing down your unique property wish list, so we can find the perfect home. Additionally, we help you to ensure that your finances are secure and that we are working within a realistic budget. This helps us to narrow down our search and be able to jump on any deals without worry of financial logistics delay.

We Work fast!

Once you sign us on as your chosen Buyers Agent Brisbane, we get to work identifying potential opportunities that best suit your needs and preferences. As property Buyers Agents, we do all the work for you. We identify every aspect of potential properties, both the positive and the negative, to ensure that you are completely informed prior to making any kind of offer.

The team at Savvy Fox has the unique advantage of being Registered Valuers.

This means that we can provide a comprehensive valuation report on all potential properties so you are getting the full picture. Once a property is chosen, we work tirelessly to get you the best deal and conditions possible. We take the stress and frustration associated with negotiating property deals off you.

With years of industry training and experience under our belts, we are confident that we can get you the best deal on your property while saving you time, money, energy and stress.

Brisbanes savviest property and valuation agent
Savvy fox Brisbanes top real estate buyers agent

Brisbane Buyers Agent Services

As Brisbane’s leading property buyer and valuation agency, we provide a wide range of services to buyers including:

-Buyers Agent and Buyers Advocate Brisbane

-Property Management

-Registered Valuers & Valuation Reports

-Auction Bidding and Sales Advisory

We exclusively represent buyers and have developed a proven process that makes us stand out from our competition. We make the real estate buying process simple, stress free and fun!

Why Choose Savvy Fox?

The choice is simple thanks to our over 20 years of dedicated experience and hundreds of successful transaction across Brisbane.

Jacqueline at Savvy Fox is Property Degree educated and a fully licensed Real Estate Agent in QLD and NSW. Additionally, she is a Registered Property Valuer, meaning we uphold the highest standards in professionalism and property valuation. 

In the cut-throat real estate industry that favours sellers, Savvy Fox offers expert real estate services that make the buyer the priority. We offer open, honest and accurate real market advice to help you on your quest for the perfect property.

When you choose Savvy Fox to represent you as your Buyers Agent Brisbane, you can expect to save: 

Time: We get to know you and your specific needs and then dig deep using our professional connections and vast Brisbane area knowledge to find only the properties that suit you perfectly. We understand that you are a busy person, so we don’t waste your time with options that don’t fit the bill.

Money: Thanks to our property valuation certification we have the unique ability to quickly and accurately recognise the true market value of potential homes and expertly negotiate on your behalf. We are so confident in our services, that we believe you will save more money by choosing us as your property Buyers Agent than you would if you chose to go it alone.

Stress: Anyone who has ever purchased a property knows that there is a tremendous amount of stress associated with the process. Buying a property is a demanding process with a lot at stake for the buyer. We advocate for you and your needs from day one to get you the property of your dreams at the best possible price. Call us today to set up your consultation and let us help you navigate the Brisbane real estate market with ease!

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Servicing Brisbane

We are Brisbane’s leading Property Buyer and Valuation Agency. We exclusively represent buyers in the real estate process. The strategy, process and systems that we have developed and implemented, separate us from the herd. 

Our service is unique in that we are not ‘just’ Buyers Agents but we are Registered Valuers across Australia as well. Our system is designed to make the real estate process simple, fun and rewarding for the buyer.

We provide a diverse range of services which include; Buyers Agent and Buyers Advocacy, Property Management, Valuation, Auction Bidding & Sales Advisory.

Brisbane By The Numbers

These are the average median real estate figures over the past 12 months in Bulimba  4171

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Av days on market


Case Study


Relocating to Brisbane for work from Melbourne

Type of Property:

Two Story House


Camp Hill, Brisbane, QLD


The clients needed to relocate for work, however, could not physically visit the properties due to covid-19 restrictions.

Property Journey:

Our clients wanted a luxury home with plenty of parking and needed to be within close proximity of work and friends currently living in Brisbane. Over 20+ homes were inspected before scooping up this beautiful home for $130,000 under initial budget.


More Kind Words From
another Happy Client...

"If you think a professional is expensive, wait til you hire an amateur. I’ve never been through such an experience where this was made more blatantly clear.

Lucky for us, we decided to hire a true professional in Jacqueline from Savvy Fox.

We underwent one of the most complicated, most ‘un-straightforward’ purchases you could ever imagine. There were so many technical aspects to consider, and many stars that needed to align, and for us to pull this off was nothing short of a miracle.

Several buyers came before us and like us were excited by the raw potential of this property, only to be scared away by the overwhelming technical complications.

Jacqueline is unique to most buyers advocates in that she comes from a property sales background and is also an accredited valuer.

Her wealth of experience on all sides means that she has seen almost every conceivable scenario you could think of. We had several group meetings with consultants, and Jac was able to translate the jargon and help us make the right decisions.

She was able to advise on every step of the purchase process, and gave us context behind motivations of all parties. It was eye opening & fascinating.

I would recommend a buyers agent like Jacqueline at least once in your life, if not, through every purchase. Her fee was reasonable enough, but the value through mitigating the many risks, and coming out on top was priceless.

In short, you will be better off with her, than without her.
Gerome Delosreyes
Another Happy Savvy Fox Client

Why Choose Savvy Fox?

Our experience and expertise in the industry is unparalleled. With hundreds of successfully closed deals and happy clients under our belts, you won’t find a more experienced Buyers Agent in Brisbane.

We are proud to serve the Brisbane for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge of the area that puts us a cut above the competition.

Savvy Fox’s founder, Jacqueline, is a Registered Property Valuer and Award Winning, licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer. She works hard for you and gets the job done right every single time.

Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied and in the home of your dreams.

We treat each transaction uniquely and implement our proven strategies to help the entire process go smoothly. When you choose us as your Buyers Agent, you don’t need to stress-let us take that off your back!

Give us a call, send us an email or shoot us an inquiry online and we will get in touch immediately to set up a meeting. Let us help give you the representation you deserve during the home buying process.

Property Buyer gold coast

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Savvy fox real estate agent go forward process

Contact Savvy Fox

For more details on how I can help you find your next property, please complete the form and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

You may also contact me directly via phone on the number provided.

Jacqueline: 0412 332 156

Your Next Step: Let’s Chat! 

Simply complete the form below and lets chat about your property wish list. *If you're overseas, no problem I'll chat via Skype or Whatsapp.

On average Jacqueline responds within 45 minutes Your information is secure

Q & A’s

Here are some the most common questions we get around hiring a property buyers agent. If you don’t see your question answered simply ask below and I’ll be happy to answer.

Ask Savvy Fox a Question...

Jacqueline will responded personally to your question within 45 minutes (during business hours) or first thing the next morning (9am AEST) if after hours. 

A Buyers Agent (also known as a Buyers Advocate) is a licensed real estate agent who works exclusively for the property buyer in a real estate transaction.  Savvy Fox Property Buyers Agent provides the following services:

• Searching for properties that are listed and unlisted via various sources including our extensive network or by contacting the sellers directly in the area you desire
• Evaluating and comparing properties based on their potential as a home or as an investment
• Negotiating the purchase price and conditions in favor of the buyer. This often includes bidding at auction.
• Preparing/reviewing contract documents, other searches, co-ordinating building and pest inspections and other due diligence.
• Managing your settlement process to its completion including referring you to property managers if it was an investment purchase.

The same reason why people hire cleaners, builders, accountants, stylists and wedding planners! The time value of money is an important thing to remember here.

The Big 3 Reasons: Time, Money &  Reduces Your Risk.


Your time earning money being an expert at what you do is generally greater than the fee you pay us to do what we do. We already know you are good at what you do, you have saved up a hefty deposit after all.  You would need to add hours of research and study to your search time to know the market the way we do. So of course you could do it yourself, but we offer a simpler, smarter way to get a dream property (while keeping your pockets lined, don’t forget we’re Valuers as well).

Purchasing property is a time-consuming process.  Once a location is chosen then the property search begins.  Viewing 50-100 properties will give you a good indication of what is available and how much properties are selling for.  If you are prepared to view 5 properties every Saturday then you could be ready to buy in 3-5 months time.   Many prospective buyers will have been looking at properties for 12 months or more.   Property prices can increase significantly over this period of time leaving you perplexed when your offer is not accepted or worse its accepted before the ink drys….You might be paying too much!!

Your Savvy Fox has a working knowledge of property prices and market conditions and can dedicate their time to sourcing appropriate properties that align with your criteria.  Most properties are sourced within 4-6 weeks.  Employing a Buyers Agent will give you your weekends back and can help to secure quality properties more quickly.


We have no doubt you’re an excellent negotiator in your field of expertise. And while some negotiation skills are transferable across contexts; the real strength of having a well-established Buyers Agent negotiate on your behalf is the insider-information that’s virtually impossible to access outside of this industry. You don’t have to be rich and famous to use the services of a Buyers Agent. Most clients are everyday people looking to purchase investment property or their own home. Clients may be local to the QLD area or live interstate or overseas.

Reduces Risk:

One thing to watch out for: many real estate agencies refer to Personal Assistants as ‘Buyers Agents’, but we strongly recommend you choose an independent Buyers Agent who is a Certified Practising Valuer registered by The Australian Property Institute. If you’re going to get advice and assistance when purchasing property (which we recommend you do), make sure the source is appropriately qualified, experienced and unbiased with decades of experience under their belt.

In a word: no….It’s a pretty significant conflict of interest, potentially recommending properties they get a Selling Agent fee for. The one time it’s not risky is if your Selling Agent is assisting for you free because they know they can sell your current home once you buy. That way they are getting a fee from you after they firstly help you buy and secondly help you sell. We offer independent, highly specialised advice, and on top of that, we do the bulk of the searching, all the negotiating, and take care of the logistics at every step of the way. Selling Agents are different to Buyers Agents, even though they work in the same industry.

Savvy Fox Property Buyers Agent & Valuer have many industry memberships as well as being awarded the highest accolades possible in the Real Estate Industry Nationally. Something we are incredibly humbled by but more importantly it demonstrates we  have appropriate professional experience. We are licenced Buyers Agents in QLD & NSW, we are Registered Valuers with the QLD Valuers Registration Board and also Certified Practicing Valuers nationally with The Australian Property Institute. The  Real Estate Institute Code of Conduct means that we abide by the below:

  • Hold a license in their relevant state or territory.
  • Are registered with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).
  • Have professional indemnity insurance
  • Do not have properties listed for sale, or be involved in direct selling.

If you are purchasing the property for investment purposes then the fees may be tax-deductable. Generally the fees are added to the ‘cost base’ for the calculation of capital gains tax, rather than being deductable in any single year. You should obtain specific advice from your accountant.

Unfortunately if you are purchasing a property to live in, the Buyers Agent fee is not tax deductable.

Most investment properties are sourced (STEP 4 of The Process on the Go Forward Plan page) within 30 days. Home purchases may take longer to source (generally within 60 days).

Refer to our Go Forward Plan Page or just contact Jacqueline directly on 0412 332 156.